Wood and acrylic. 154 x 51 x 39 cm. 2013. 

Geologic layering principles generate the design of this table. They become its material, formal and constructive logic. Horizontal layers generate the complete object, they form the supports and give way to the table top, which has been perforated to assume roles different to those of a conventional table. This piece is made of two pieces that can either work separated or together to form a bigger table. It is grounded on the material separation of the two basic elements of a table: support and top, giving them new meanings, differentiating them through radical changes in material, geometry and fabrication techniques. Plexiglass and timber, lightness and robustness, give way to an object that defies the common place, conventional use, and ultimately the user. Interrogating him on his idea of what a table should be. The TopoTable has been selected as one of the 100 Designs of the Year 2013 by AXXIS Magazine.