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<img src="_QUAKES 31 h_FOTOS_PR_06092018_03_full.j" alt="the movement of the tectonic plates burnt in thounsand lines on canvas">


Burnt canvas,  50 x 50cm. 2018.

These pieces are part of a series titled Quakes, where the locations of tectonicplates’ movements that took place in the pacific coast of the Americas have been encoded into an algorithm. It draws thousands of linesthat depict how the weave of the everyday is torn apart by bursts ofenergy. Massive forces played out along 8 tectonic plates become subtletieson canvas, their interactions transformed into thin, calm lines on a whitebackground as sequential change interrupts the steady, homogenous fabric ofstability. The continuous fabric of time and space is transformed by progressiveintensities, coupled with disturbances, at some moments, the fabricstretches, rips, compresses and folds into itself. Some of the qualities ofseismograms remain in this drawings, bringing a dose of rigour and a scientificfeel to it, at the same time strong unpredictability is achieved: rigorous, precise,sharp charts are filtered by an stochastic approach, allowing the depiction ofencoded data to acquire a new dimension.

Signed drawing with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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