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Innsbruck, Austria, 2014. Competition.

An assembly of 3 stacked layers of activity make up Haus der Musik’s building. Each one allocates a different kind of program, has a specific performance in the urban realm and is spatially differentiated by means of its relation to Innsbruck and to the rest of the building. The ground layer acts as four discrete buildings within the building, they are surrounded by sheltered extensions of the city‘s streets, and contain cultural and gastronomy uses. The middle layer is an event space completely integrated to the urban realm through a landscape ramp and platform which invites pedestrians to make constant use of the building. An educational landscape shelters the building, it is an inhabitable roof that crowns Haus der Musik. Thanks to its variations in geometry, it pays homage to the diversity of forms that make up the skyline of Innsbruck. This proposal was developed in collaboration with architekturbüro bm jörer.

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