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<img src="53_Beet 9th 17 01_full_Irmgard Reiter_Artist_Artmine" alt="color explosion dynamic lines expressing beethovens 9th symphonie">

Beet 9th 17 01

Fine Art print and score on Fredrix Archival Print Canvas 340gsm, 80x50x4cm, 2018.

This drawing is part of the Re-written series, It develops the notion of field and associative logics between elements, as opposed to an object oriented approach. Referencing the act of writing, in a carefully crafted creative process, the visual result emerges from the actual writing of a computer script, which in turn takes a written phrase as input to play a very precise set of instructions. In this piece, the wind introduction from the first movement of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony has been analyzed and encoded into an algorithm, A system of rules transforms the continuity of a horizontal arrangement of lines into a complex topography of sensations. Creating a sonic landscape. A play between music, writing and computation.

Signed print with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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