Holbæk, Denmark, 2013. Competition.

This competition entry is grounded on experimental design research approaches. It puts forward a blend of spatial, functional, structural and geometrical solutions that will deeply challenge the ways in which glass design and fabrication has traditionally been addressed. Embedding the design process in an innovative realm, we use algorithmic and generative design techniques at every stage of the project; integrating traditional glass manufacturing with state of the art digital fabrication techniques, we put forward a bus stop that defies conventional conceptions on public space. Grounded on the most essential principle of architecture, to give shelter, we address the relation between inside and outside in an integrated manner, blending these two conditions through progressive variations on structural principles, types of glass panels, detailing and specifications. From glass casting on 3d printed molds to float glass processes, from closed to open, transparent to colored, curved to flat. From roof to bench, we deliver Holbæk residents a space for open ended use, offering them a myriad of sensations, forms, views, colors. Making them wonder how extraordinary glass can be. In an effort to advance the use of glass in architecture, Progressive Glass challenges designers, fabricators and users to venture in feasible and unseen territories.